Case Management

Case Management involves helping people who are in difficult situations with advice, guidance assessments, service linkeage, education and a variety of other services to help keep them safe and to support their recovery. Software provides a critical part of providing a good service, particularly for service delivery, for tracting activities among Community Care Workers, and also for monitoring and evaluation of programs.

Clientelis software can support case managers with their work in the following ways:



Assessment tools in the mobile app to help case managers identify needs



Tools to help prioritize beneficiaries and plan appropriate interventions



Screens within the mobile app to record interventions while on-site



Tools to plan educational interventions and record attendance



The ability to connect beneficiaries to services, with notifications by SMS



Tools to track interventions from multiple service providers



Collection and presentation of data about beneficiaries & case managers



Data analysis on macro level to evaluate success of program over time

Flexible & multi-channel

Programs may differ significantly, depending on whether the main focus is on Orphans & Vulnerable Children, or on health related objectives. Different channels might be appropriate depending on the scenario. Some ideas:

  • SMS might be an appropriate channel to use if you need to send reminders for group interventions for example. It could also be used for distributing eVouchers if that is part of the program.
  • Reverse-billed USSD could be used for self-assessments, or course evaluations by beneficiaries.
  • A mobile app, either on tablet or mobile phone, is invaluabe to community care workers or community health workers who are making household visits.
  • The web application will have an important role at head-office for monitoring and evaluation.

case management - household screen

Screen showing households in a locality (fictional data)

If you have a need for a solution to handle case management, especially where the last-mile is challenging, talk to us at Clientelis. We can help you by designing and implementing a software solution that meets your needs.

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