International medical devices companies rely on us to help them expand their business into Africa. Through our market research capabilities, we carry out research in Africa to identify the best suitable candidates that can work with our clients to distribute medical equipment and consumables to healthcare facilities across Africa. Our distributor search is done in the following steps:

Identify Universe of Distributors

We build a list of distributors operating in the healthcare sector in each country from a combination of our previous research, online directories, industry association lists, conference exhibitor lists, Google search and through personal contacts at key hospitals.

First Level Screening

We visit each distributor company’s website and entries on other online sources and assess against a set of criteria to ascertain if they are credible companies, we also identify principles to identify any competitor products that they distribute.

Distributor Shortlisting

We then call each distributor on the potential target list to ask questions in order to arrive at a list of candidates worth examining further. Our Selection Criteria involves a thorough look at Size, Presence, Warehousing, Operational Capacity, Product Portfolio Analysis, After-Sales Support and Company Image.

Distributor Finalists Profiling

We conduct face-to-face discussions with each potential target distributor and build a more detailed profile: Company History and Culture, High Level Financial Evaluation, SWOT Analysis, Value Add/Relevance to customer and Willingness to Deal.

distributor search methodology

Decision Making

The final step is to sit down with our clients and present to them the list of finalists and from the finalists select the distributors that are in line with the business’ objectives and best fit the organization’s mission and vision for expanding their business into Africa. At this point, we typically do face-to-face introductions in-country, with the finalists that the medical device manufacturer wishes to meet. The final decision will be made by the manufacturer, our customer.

We will help you make the right decisions that will help your operation in Africa or other emerging markets to achieve its objectives.

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