Market Research

At Clientelis we understand that different landscapes require different solutions that’s why our Market Research approach to Africa is strategically designed with the consideration of differences in culture, language, Infrastructure and social economic variables across Africa. These variables make data collection in Africa complex and this is where we come in with our cost effective data collection solutions that meet the needs of our clients in the healthcare sector.

Clientelis is uniquely positioned to be your main solutions provider for all research projects across Africa. We take up projects from initial briefing through data collection, analysis and report writing. We use data collection methods that are most effective for each research project to ensure that we yield the most accurate and useful results.

Our aim is to fill in the gaps in the market for our customers by formulating strategies and going into Africa to bring useful insights that will help our clients make more informed decisions. We approach each project by clearly defining the problem and properly formulating objectives. Through our market sea search capabilities, we provide our clients with innovative strategies and solutions that are practical based on research findings.

We have a pool of qualified field researchers who interact with healthcare professionals face to face across Africa. Our field team is multilingual and understand the cultural differences and diversity in different African countries. Our expertise lie in our ability to provide cost effective market research services to empower clients in the healthcare sector all over the globe with a deeper understanding of the African market focusing on the specific client’s requirements.

Clientelis Methodology for Market Research

Data Gathering Methods

We specialize in ad-hoc market research so each project is very different. We typically combine data from a mix of different data-collection methods including:

  • In-depth interviews
  • Intercept interviews
  • Telephone interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Expert Panels
  • Literature search & desk research
  • Website and publications tracking
  • Web & directory seaerch
  • Publications tracking


Our research focus is on healthcare. Topics that we have researched include:

  • Disease epidemiodology (incidence, prevalence..)
  • Products registered in the market
  • Product registration procedures in the country
  • Products & substitutes on the market
  • Reimbursement & co-pays
  • Product Distributor Search & Prioritization
  • Feasibility studies (supporting product launch)
  • Country Prioritization based on health, economic & other indicators
  • Market Sizing & Market Share
  • Treatment Pathways
  • Treatment Options & Affordability
  • Competitor product pricing
  • Competitive Assessments
  • Stakeholder analysis (hospitals, HCPs, payers..)

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