Multi-channel marketing

Understanding the customer journey is the key to providing the best customer experience. In the healthcare industry, there are many players who will each play a role in the decision making process before the products reaches the end users. We conduct customer centric Multichannel marketing through different communication platforms. Our communication strategies are customized for each client, region and HCP. Our services include the following:

  • Planning a campaign directly focused on the customer
  • Measuring the success of customer engagement
  • Pointing out key success factors for customer-centric integrated-channel solutions.

We make use of different channels for communication campaigns to different players in the decision making process. These allow HCPs to be reached with target messages and products at minimum costs. Through our multichannel marketing approaches we ensure that long term relationships are established between our Lifesciences customers and HCPs around Africa.

SMS campaigns & notifications
We do SMS campaigns to engage both patients and HCPs on behalf of our clients. We use SMS campaigns to send educational materials to HCPs while at the same time making them aware of our client’s products which they can use in their practice.

Cost effective way to provide self-help services to users. We have a USSD software that we use to provide USSD services and provide clients with detailed statistics on the use of the USSD platform by patients or HCPs.

Facebook Messenger Bot is OTT (over the top) chatbot which can be accessed from your company's Facebook page, from buttons you can place on your website, or from within the Messenger app. A bot, which will be tailored to your requirements, can be used to stage and route customer queries, provide self-service to customers or push educational content to customers.

We use our call center for engaging with HCPs in remote parts of Africa, for example as.

Online surveys
We do online surveys combined with our SMS platform to interact and engage with customers as well as gather useful insight.

Mobile Apps
We build mobile apps tailored to the interests and needs of your audience. They can be built to do almost anything, from providing a detailed product catalogue, or medication-dosage calculators or communication tools.

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