Patient Support Programs

There are numerous types of patient support programs, which address a wide range of issues such as:

  • patient non-adherence to medication
  • cost of initiating patients on certain medical devices
  • occasional technical problems with medical devices
  • counterfeit medications on the market
  • more efficient home delivery of medicines
  • empowering patients to manage their conditions
  • etc.

Patient Support Programs will typically fall into one of the following categories:

patient support programs

Regardless of the type of program being offered, technology will be central to delivering the service. So will analytical skills, to design, test and implement the service. This is where Clientelis can help. We work with our life sciences customers to conceive sophisticated patient support programs, which we then build using our proprietary platform.

The following diagram shows an example of the steps involved in supporting a new patient in getting started on a medical device such as a diabetes pump. These devices are relatively expensive, and so reimbursement is important for most patients. The process is aimed at removing (from the patient) the administrative burden of finding out how much of the cost will be paid by the patient's medical insurance company, and how much of a co-pay is required. The administrative burden of ordering the device is also handled by the medical device manufacturer, making the process as easy as possible for the patient.

co-pay/reimbursement services for patients

An example of a financial/co-pay service for patients requiring an expensive medical device (e.g. a Diabetes Pump)

The technology to support a process like this involves many different capabilities such as:

  • an Electronic Signature capability/integration to collect patient consent
  • Email alerts to notify staff (such as a Reimbursement Analyst) that the next step in the process is now required.
  • a document repository to upload and store the various elements of the dossier
  • Integration with ERP systems for invoicing, and communicationwith the Courier Pharmacy.
  • a web application for the various staff involved to manage the process

Other types of progrmas might involve mobile apps (e.g. a symptom tracker), SMS (home delivery notifications) or USSD (product support self-service/call-back service). They may also require mechanisms such as eVouchers, which are delivered by SMS, and are intended to avoid any possibilities of fraud by putting control of the entitlement in the hands of the patient (rather than the person who dispenses the entitlement).

access to medicine patient detail screen

Patient detail screen showing an eVoucher has been redeemed

Patient Support Programs programs are typically multi-channel solutions made up of some mix of the following channels:

Whatever the type of Patient Support program you wish to put in place, talk to us at Clientelis.

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