Strategic Advisory Services

Clientelis offers a series of strategy advisory services ranging from business case creation, negotiation advisory or strategy facilitation workshops. We typically work with your management and go through a series of phases from discovery, analysis, workshops, strategize, report, implementation and follow up. The process will differ depending on the company and the objectives of the analysis but will typically include one-on-one interviews with key staff and group workshops. We use the following techniques in the mix as we offer our professional services:

  • Group workshops are used to gather leading stakeholders together, and hammer out a consensus that everyone can support.
  • Whiteboard/Flip chart sessions are used to brainstorm, to gather information and to lead discussions in the group
  • Break-out sessions are used to increase productivity, by having different groups work on different related topics (e.g. Business divisions) before presenting their findings to the rest of the group.
  • Analytical Models are employed to gain and communicate insights, and to structure some discussions (BCG Matrix for portfolio analysis, Porters' 5 forces model for competitive analyses, gap analysis etc.)
  • Financial Modelling is also used in some cases to evaluate different investment or divestment options
  • Coaching and prepping customersC before important meetings (e.g. before negotiations etc). Attending important meetings with our customers, and provide strategic advice and counseling afterwards.
  • Planning, including project planning, is a key skillset that we frequently use as part of our advisory work

Framework for Market Entry

example of market penetration strategies

We sometimes pair our consulting work with our market research work, for example to help a manufacturer to decide on which emerging market countries to enter and which structure would work best for them. The types of strategic advisory projects we work on include developing business plans, developing market expansion strategies, conducting prioritization exercises or advising on organizational structure.

We focus our professional services on the healthcare sector, where we have decades of experience. We offer the following services:

  • Strategy Advisory
  • Strategic Partnerships (finding partners and advising on negotiations)
  • Market Entry Strategies (taking into account product registration, remibursement, distribution models..)
  • Project Management
  • Analysing systems & processes
  • Team & Capacity Evaluation
  • Unlocking new opportunities
  • Business Case creation

The following diagram illustrates the methodology we use for business case formulation.

Clientelis Business Case methodology

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